The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs.Gulam, Mrs.Bowles, Mrs.Henderson, Mrs.Danby, Miss Pike

January 4-6

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Writing - Clarification and examples

Reading - Words with multiple meanings, comprehension and New Year's Resolution

Math - Simplest Form for fraction

Science/S.S. - Matter and Volume

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GeoBee Finalist


Finalist: Grady Andersen

Runner Up: Sejal Rawat*


Finalist: Aryan Raj

Runner Up: Ivy Tian*


Finalist: Suhani Ghuznavi

Runner Up: Mira Thottakara*


Finalist: Minori Kunte

Runner Up: Amya Perry*


Finalist: Varsha Vijay

Runner Up: Krisha Uma Jothis*

*These children will only compete IF the classroom finalist is sick or absent on the day of the Geo Bee.

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A "clean slate" means to forget past mistakes and start completely over.


"Jimmy got into trouble at school last year, but with the new year, he is starting with a clean slate."

Try using this idiom this week in your writing and speaking!

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Career Day: Friday, January 27th!!!

Mrs. Montano is looking for 9 parents to talk about their careers to our 4th and 5th grade learners on Friday, January 27th, in the afternoon. If you are interested, please contact her at, for further details. Thank you!!

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Digital Homework assigned by teacher!
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Star Saver Bank Dates

January 20- C/E/D2

February 3- A/B/D1

February 17- C/E/D2

March 24- A/B/D1

April 7- C/E/D2

April 21- A/B/D1

May 5- C/E/D2

Dates to Remember

January Dates

  • 9th: GeoBee Finals
  • 20th: Bank Day
  • 16th: No school
  • 27th: Career Day 4th/5th