Science Fair

project name: save it


There have been times when i think that my computer's battery drains too quick so I want to find the things that drain my device's battery the fastest (out of the 4 chosen subjects I'll test)


Many tabs open: I found out that many active tabs open like games, videos, and apps that don't time themselves out can be very draining on any battery because it has to work hard to keep them all running.

full brightness: it can be very draining because it uses much energy to keep the screen brighter.

full sound: I found that full sound is very draining because many things require sound so it is used a lot, especially by demanding apps, draining battery.

all: all of them together wouldn't be good for any devices and causes them to drain abnormally.



notebook, electronic device, electricity usage monitoring device, charger


here is the list in which i thought of the 4 trials would be the most draining.

1. all

2. many tabs open

3. full sound

4. full brightness


plug in the electricity usage monitoring device, then plug your charger into it, plug your device into your charger, then record in your notebook for each of the trials you test


1. all

2. many tabs open

3. full sound

4. full brightness


My hypothesis was correct and matched the results.

After the experiment I know how much energy each of the 4 tested subjects uses and which of them I should limit use of.

But there are more things that drain battery quick so there are still more questions similar to which I solved.

Save it

Leo Dinka