Special Edition: Rocket Review

So many things to share we couldn't wait until Wednesday!

Masses next week

We will have mass on Monday, December 8 for the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mass will be celebrated at 8:45AM and students are expected to wear mass dress code on Monday. Phys Ed class will be on Wednesday 12/10 and students will have Technology on Monday 12/8. Students will not have mass on Thursday, 12/11.

Mr. Grima is BACK!

Happy news for St. Mary Rockwood - Mr. Grima is back with us! He will be helping in the kitchen with the administrative side of things, as well as working as our Athletic Director, Marketing Manager and also with student discipline when necessary. One of his most important tasks is working as our main lunch room supervisor. We have had a lot of trouble as of late with being able to secure enough lunch help so this is quite a blessing for us. You can reach Mr. Grima via email at mgrima@stmaryrockwood.com. Ms. Amy will still be here serving our lunches and we very much appreciate them both!

Breakfast with Santa on Sunday from 9AM-1PM in School Hall

Come cheer on our Boys A Basketball team in a pre-season tournament on Saturday 12/6 at SMCC. First game is at 8:30AM. They also play Sunday at 1:30PM at St. Mary Monroe.

ThinkStretch Winter Learning Packets and Reading Challenge

To join the BrainFreeze Reading Challenge, go to http://thinkstretch.evanced.info.

By logging reading minutes, kids will earn raffle tickets for the chance to win exciting prizes like an iPod touch or a Kindle. You will also have access to exciting Winter Fun Activities and Cool Links for Warm Brains with lots of ideas for winter break fun.

To download the BrainFreeze packet - the link is http://thinkstretch.com/brain-freeze-packets-2014/.

Keep your brain warm,


P.S. Don't forget to plan for summer with the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program! Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ThinkStretch for great learning activities all year long.