ESC 18 - Taco Tech Tuesday

Minus the Tacos, Extra Tech!

September 15, 2020

Tech You Have To Try

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone,

especially teachers and their students, to easily create and share impactful

visual stories. Adobe spark is comprised of three different story formats - Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video enabling easy ways to create beautiful and simple designs or everything from webpages, posters, or social media graphics. While other programs sometimes require training or extensive practice Adobe Spark is meant to have an easy interface for everyone to learn and grasp quickly especially teachers and students. Try Adobe Spark here.


Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that allows users to engage their audiences in real-time. Teachers sign up using an email address or via Google or Facebook logins. After choosing Presenter or Audience pacing to get started, teachers simply click a button to begin designing a presentation. Users can choose from a variety of Events, selecting from options such as questions, polls, word clouds, reactions, and more. Audiences join from the app or via and enter a six-digit join code in order to see and respond to the questions. A great tool for gathering feedback, I especially love the word wall feature. To learn more click here.


Podcasts are everywhere. They cover a wide variety of topics and are more popular than ever. Synth is a great free way that you could combine traditional writing assignments with the popularity of audio/video podcasts in a format that was accessible to any mobile device, Chromebook, or desktop available to your students. Synths are 256-second audio or video sound bytes that you can share publicly or privately with your students.

They can be put into Podcasts (a collection of Synths together), for a whole-class discussion, or for a multi-Synth listening experience. Synths and Podcasts can be created on your mobile devices or on your Chromebooks/Desktop providing students the ability to create podcasts on any device available to them. To learn more or create an account click here.


AutoDraw is a new kind of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast. Start drawing and the tool can guess and then replace your drawing with an artist rendered drawing to help create fun and cool images, posters or use it as a whiteboard while teaching for awesome results. To start using Autodraw click here.

Webinar Opportunities

Eduphest 2020!

All The Talks. All The Feels.

Eduphoria's first Education Leadership conference is open for registration! Join on October 12 for compelling talks and virtual roundtables covering today's critical topics. 12 experienced educators will cover 17 topics in 24 sessions including assessment literacy, learning in a virtual environment, the importance of wellness, all things professional learning and development, and educator growth. $39 All-Access Pass. To learn more or register, click here.

ISTE20 Live Nov 29- Dec 5

Registration for ISTE20 Live is open!

ISTE20 Live isn’t just about teaching online, it will be a real-time demonstration of how to learn in online settings.

Attend to:

  • Engage with interactive content.
  • Hear powerful stories of inspiration.
  • Meet thought leaders from around the world.
  • Get just-in-time strategies to address the challenges
    of the moment.
Not just another Zoom call, ISTE20 Live is a custom experience that’s immersive and offers a variety of ways to question presenters, collaborate with other attendees and chat with tech company reps.

Plus, you’ll have access to a variety of session formats, a flexible schedule and hundreds of hours of archived sessions and presenters’ digital resources you can continue to explore for six months.

Register by Oct. 1 to save up to $40.

Click Here to Register Now

Technology Help Desk

Remember to submit a Technology Help Desk ticket for any technology needs or services. Email Technology at or call the Help Desk at (432)-561-4321.

Google Educator Level 1 and 2 Certification

Click on the image below to learn more about becoming certified as a Google Educator Certification Level 1 and Level 2.

Chris Enriquez

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Analytics