Life in japan


I lived In Japan for about 3 years which was the best 3 years of my life so far and learned many things about their customs as well as their everyday life.


Japan is the number  1 place you should explore with many tourist atrractions.The first place I suggest you go to explore is Yoyogi park  located in Tokyo, this park is where performers come and perform in Yoyogi park and show the world what they can do, some Agents come to Yoyogi park to look for some talented people for their agency and become famous in Japan. You get about thousands of people a day in Yoyogi Park as well as food venders to and dog walkers, many people celebrate birthdays to, because of the beautiful lush gardens and ponds located there. I also suggest Akihabara, also located in Tokyo as well. If you love Anime or cartoons that is the place to be Akihabara it has many merchandise from famous Japanese TV shows such as Dragon ball z, Hetalia and also Yu Gi Oh, if you love video games to , there are many game stores that you can play in at Akihabara i can say from experiance.

Festivals and Traditions

Festivals and traditions-if you want to see an unusual festival you should go to the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival it has been around for 750 years it is mainly about FLOAT racing in Japan but the thing that gets you off balance is what they wear when there holding up the float if this catches your attention you better go between July 1st to the 15th. Also please watch the Japanese tea ceremony it is a beautiful put together performance in making tea it may be fun to participate as well but they say it is very hard to master it may take years or months but you also get a chance to wear a kimono to and look very beautiful and men wear jinbei kimonos.

Down The Road

-Overall Japan is a beautiful country to explore that helps you learn new things and teach you how to be polite ,etiquette etc. Have a point in life you should get at least one chance to go there and try some customs and traditions.