Taste of TX: Russia

By: Ajay Amit


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Push Factor

  • Exploration

  • Economics

  • Starvation - 1880’s Russia faced a shortage of land which cause poverty and a mass immigration to other shores.

  • Political Freedom

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Pull Factor's into TX

  • Cotton Farms
  • Better Pay
  • Religious Freedom
  • Land
  • Trade
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Three Foods

  • Borsh- Common Russian Soup
  • Vareniki- Potato Dumplings
  • Piroggi

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Important People

  • Alexander I- Because of the emperors death in 1825. It created an economic crisis within Russia. Later on 3000 soldiers declared themselves Decembrists and took advantage of this crisis to launch a unsuccessful attack at Nicholas the First (The son of Alexander the Third) to create a constitution for Russia.
  • Vladimir Lenin- He was the first leader of the Soviet Union and organizer of the October Revolution. In 1917 the October Revolution commenced and turned Russia into a communist country.
  • Leon Bronstein- A prominent figure of the October Revolution he was the leader of the Military Committee which trained the soldiers. Later on he became the commissar of foreign affairs and made a peace treaty with Germany and Australia which made it possible for Russia to escape WWI.

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Three Customs

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Literature

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Some Interesting Facts

1. Russia's landscape varies from deserts to frozen coastlines and ranges from tall mountains to rolling plains.

2. In russia there is about 120 ethnic groups.

3. Russia's official name is the Russian Federation.

4. Tetris was invented in Russia.

5. Russian children attend school for ten years starting at the age of 6 or 7.

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Cultural Influence on TX

  • Influenced the music. Ringling brothers asked a composer to make a polka song for there circus
  • Influenced dance, because of russian ballet performers within America and Texas other people have come to enjoy the art and create different russian dances.
  • Even theater has been influenced by Russia with their plays and stories. Some of these plays and ideas have even been on Broadway.
  • Influence in Texas and America by Russia has become so powerful to the extent that people try to Russify their names!

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