The Davis Weekly

March 3, 2014 - March 7, 2014

Character Trait of the Month: Responsibility

Be self-disciplined

Be accountable for your choices

Character Color of the Month: Green

Magnificent Mavericks

Thank you Mrs. Minisee for sharing your Hispanic culture and a cute craft with us! We enjoyed spending time with you and Mia's sister!

I would also like to thank each of my students for the outstanding job they did when Mr. Rick Shelton, a famous writer visited our classroom last week!! While he was here the students had the chance to show off their writing skills and boy was Mr. Shelton impressed!! Keep up the great work!! I am so proud of each of you!!

Mill Creek Elementary

Ashley Davis

Second Grade Teacher


Poems About Nature

April Rain Song, “Rain Poem”

Shared Read: “Snow Shape”
Paired Read: “Helicopters, Windy Tree” Comprehension Strategy: Visualize Genre: Poetry/ Free Verse Comprehension Skill: Theme Vocabulary Strategy: Similes
Phonics: r-controlled: Fluency: Expression


  • Contractions-
  • Apostrophes-

Spelling and Phonics

Rule: r-controlled

dare stare fare hair pair chair bear pear

where there dear cheers knew never talk

Spelling City

Practice your spelling words nightly. :)

Our Class Visit to the Book Fair

Thursday, March 13th, 1:30-2:15pm