Great Plains Toad

Scientifically known as Bufo Cognatus

Great Plains Toad

The Great Plains Toad is currently one of the 41 species in Alberta, that is either endangered or threatened. The toad is an amphibian. The population size is unknown but is believed to be endangered. The critical breeding habitat is declining because of drought, cultivation that is also known as the land used for farming, and also because of oil and gas activity.Clean water, required for breeding, can be compromised by intensive livestock use of breeding area ponds.

What You Can Do!

You can save the endangered plains toad by either signing up for AWA's Wilderness & Wildlife Defenders, a group of dedicated wilderness advocates committed to direct action by phone, letters, and e-mail or by donating money to the Alberta wilderness and wildlife by supporting the conservation education and outreach work of AWA. Your donation will make a difference.

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Just sit back and relax computer or any wi-fi connection in hand of course and donate.

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