Syd Martin

Founder of Syd Rocks and a NT Senior

About Sydney and Syd Rocks

Sydney Martin is a Senior at New Trier High School and is an ordinary girl and is very friendly and smart. Sydney Started Syd Rocks in 2005 selling beautiful rocks she found on the beaches of Lake Michigan. She decided to save up the profits to spend on somthing important.

In 2007, Sydney found somthing important to spend the money on. She was diagnosed with LCH , an orphan cancer (receives no government funding) and 1 in 200,000 people are diagnosed each year. In Sydney donates all of her profits to research for LCH. It was very important for her to start Syd Rocks, because she is raising money, and awareness for a not very known cancer.

Sydney Martin and Craig Newmark

Craig and Sydney are a lot alike. Both Craig and Sydney love to help others out, they each created their own unique business to help others. Craig and Sydney are social entrepreneurs, they are not in it for the money, they just want to help out. While Sydney and Craig are a lot alike, they still have their differences. For a start, Craig is a male, and Sydney in female. Also, Craig's business is craigslist, and he makes a small amount of money from it, while Sydney donates 100% of her profits to research.