George Corwin The Greedy Sheriff

Salem Witch Trials 1692

Who Is George Corwin

George Corwin is the sheriff of Essex County in 1692 but before he was a captain in the mad expedition of Sir William Phipps in 1690 against Quebec and then by the Governor he was appointed to the sheriff of Essex County in 1692 and he was a sheriff until he died and most of his family was a judge or also a sheriff so he grew up in the law business except his son who wanted to live in the New Jersey in the wilderness and be a new person

How He Was A Part

George Corwin was a sheriff and in that county is where most people were hung he helped get the people up there and then kicked the ladder out from under them and at the end he accused people of witchcraft so he could get there land he was taken over by greed and wanted lots of things like other people’s land and after the Witch Trials Ended he died of a heart attack on April 12, 1696, and years later his wife died on December 12, 1700, but his son still was alive and became something in business, but he died May 9, 1747.

How He Was Involved

He was important because he hung the people and he accused many of people of getting their land but he never got it he was at first most people thought he was a good man until they found out he was the executioner then people learned he a cruel man who killed some innocent people and some witches so he saved them from the few witches and then he had a heart attack and-and died after the Witch Trials Were over so he go the happiness of being there till the end.