GCA Summer Update


Hello Spartan Community,

As we get ready for Spartan Day tomorrow from 7 am-noon and 1-6 pm, we wanted to pass on some information to everybody. We have a new program on campus called the Transition Program. This program helps our special education students transition to living after high school. When we address the Transition Program in communications, we are talking about a group of about 60 students between the ages of 18 and 22 who participate in activities on and off of our campus. For example, our Transition Program is having an open house on August 3rd from 4 to 5 pm to find their classrooms.

The rest of GCA will be having their open house/curriculum night on August 10th from 6 to 7:30 pm. This evening consists of attending each of your student’s classes for 10 minutes. You will have the opportunity to meet the teachers, receive course syllabus and curriculum information (bring your child’s schedule with you). The first period starts at 6:00 PM sharp; please be on time. Due to space restrictions, parents are encouraged to leave their students at home to finish their homework. But again, bring your child’s schedule with you. Parking will be available on the west baseball/softball fields.

Make sure you remember these are separate events for separate groups of students and families.


  1. Get onto Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Click here to log in to the Infinite Campus parent portal.

  2. From here, take care of the following items.
    1. Complete your annual update - Make sure all of your information is current and correct.

    2. Under Health Services mark if your child is allowed to take Tylenol or ibuprofen.

      1. If you need your child to self carry medication, download this form, fill it out and bring it into the office (any student carrying any medication on campus without the form can be expelled from GCA).

      2. Medications can also be collected on Spartan Day.

    3. While you are in the Portal, pay your fees online (optional). Paying online will save you waiting in line on Spartan Day. Please make sure you pay the following fees.

      1. All class fees for both semesters

      2. Activity fee so we can continue to provide memorable activities for our students.

      3. Chromebook Device Protection Plan - If you did not purchase it or use it last year. It will pay for itself.

      4. Yearbook - The cost increases by $10 after the first day of school, and we are not ordering any extras this year. If you don’t order one before February, you will not get one.

      5. Parking pass - If you are planning on driving and parking this year, you need a pass. Download this form, fill it out completely and bring it to the office. Spaces are extremely limited. Seniors and Juniors may be the only drivers this year.

  3. Get involved with PTO. All exemplary high-performing schools have a strong PTO presence. Your involvement in this organization is important to our students and your child’s success potential. Don’t overlook this. Come talk without PTO during Spartan Day. If you can’t come in, then contact Jeff Brueck or Michelle Sorensen to get involved.

COVID Mitigations

GCA will follow the mitigations set forth at the GPS Board Meeting last night. We will follow the State and County Health Department Mandates and any Executive Orders from the Governor’s Office. We ask that if you have a sick child or a child that has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you keep them home. Face coverings will be optional and encouraged for those who feel safer with them. Treating everyone’s choice in this matter with respect and understanding is required. Use this link for the complete presentation of mitigation strategies.

School starts for all GCA students Wednesday, August 4th, at 7:25 am.

There is going to be an extreme amount of traffic on the first day of school. Please come early and wait until 2:45 pm to come to pick up your student. If you plan to get to school 10 minutes early and drop your child off, they will be late to school. If you come before 2:45, you will probably wait in line until 2:45 before you pick up your child. Words from the wise, take them as you may.

Parent Drop off and Pickup

Same as last year, parents will drop off students in the very back, west side of the school. Please use the link above to see the map.

Other information

Bring your schedule to school on the first day. If you did not pick up your schedule at Spartan Day, we will have it on a table in the courtyard outside of the office.

  1. Here is our new 2021-22 Bell Schedule.

  2. We will have a new security guard on campus next year. His name is Mr. Liston, and we are excited to welcome him into our community.


While you are out shopping for uniforms, please print this uniform code and take it with you. These are the pieces students can wear to school. Students wearing anything not on the uniform code will leave students in violation of the uniform policy and could result in missing valuable class time. Please make good choices when selecting uniform pieces. Go to Global Schoolwear by Tommy Hilfiger; choose Gilbert Classical Academy, and they will supply you with all of the appropriate uniform pieces.

Up to date School Map

Here is the new school map with the new teachers' names.

Summer Reading Books

It is essential to have your summer reading book read before school starts. So, if you have not started your book, start it this weekend. If you need a summer reading book come see us on Monday.

School Supplies

Come to school, and your teachers will let you know what you need. The backpack will need to be all black with a place to protect your Chromebook. General supplies are pens, pencils, highlighter, notebooks, folders, and a 3” binder to help keep you organized.

Welcome Back,

Dan Hood


Gilbert Classical Academy