An Interview with Mrs. Cagle

By Chloe Brown

About Mrs. Cagle

Mrs. Cagle has an associate's degree from TCC and a bachelor's degree from UTA. She has a degree in speech communications and a minor in business. She teaches Spanish 1, which is a 9th grade Spanish class.

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Mrs. Cagle went to UTA and got a bachelor's degree.
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Mrs. Cagle went to TCC and got an associate's degree.
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Midlothian Heritage High School

Mrs. Cagle teaches at Midlothian Heritage High School.
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Grade level taught: 9th

Classes taught: Spanish 1

Classroom management techniques: She reminds students to get back to work whenever they are focused on something not related to what she is teaching them. She gives them an activity to do the takes roll and passes back papers while the students are working.

Hours put in per week: 45

Biggest Challenge: Getting everyone interested in the class

Biggest Reward: The kids' smiles

Self-motivation needed: 8