Farming with us in Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is having fun farming.


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By:Shomiah Daniels

Good morning on this 23rd day of August 3000B.C.

My name is Shomiah Daniels and I am here with today's ag report.First I would like to talk about economy.Economy means the way people use resources to meet their needs.Their economy became based mainly on their crops and its expected that we have a lot of rain this year due to the expected rain amount it looks like our crops will do good this year.

Wow! That some Division of Labor.

I am back with more news.This time I am going to talk about the division of labor.The division of labor meant that different members of a society were able to do different tasks based on their abilities and the group’s needs.Some people still farmed,but others made tools,sewed hides for clothing,or built shelters.Still others served as leaders.

The leaders of farming societies made important decisions for the community.Duties may have included deciding what crops to plant,where to plant them,and who would care for them.

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How about that domestication.


I’m back with some news on domestication.To domesticate living things means to tame them for peoples use.If u could decide between a dog that is more fun to play with then a cat,then I’m pretty sure most of you would choose a dog.Guess what?{This is for the people who love dogs}We first domesticated a dog.Women domesticated plants.

But everyone else domesticated animals.Now here is a commercial about domestication.

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