geo-tour of kelowna

the best geography feild trip you will ever go on.

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knox mountain look out

this was are first stop here our guide talked about the places we would go and how they got there she also talked about the 4 processes/forces that built the Okanagan landforms as we know them mountain building, glacial, man kind, and the earths plate, she also told us that the lake used to be as high as the lookout.

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mt. boucherie

after we got off the bus to our next destination, we headed over to mount boucherie, mount Boucherie is a mountain and it is a former stravolcano created nearly 60 million years ago. Between four and six different glacial periods over the past 50 million years have eroded the volcano to produce Mount Boucherie. Though it now only rises 417 metres above the nearby lake level, it is estimated to once have had an elevation of 2,000 m or more.