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A family Newsletter: Week of September 25th

Creativity is Flowing!

What a joy it is to see all the creative things our students are doing each day!! I hope they are bringing it home to show you each night!!

Golden Nuggets from the Counselor

How to help your child this school year...

Encourage your child to do their best. Show you believe that education is important!

Set a good example. Actions really do speak louder than words. When you spend time reading, for example, you show your child that reading is not only enjoyable, but useful! Do some of your own work while your child does theirs.

Emphasize academics. School is your child's "job!" Other interests (sports, TV, friends, video games) must take a back seat. When your child brings home a graded paper, sit down and discuss it!

Set a regular time for homework and provide resources at home. Have a place for your child to study and a few basic reference materials on hand. Doing so will make homework/study time easier.

Stay in touch. Communicate regularly with your child's teacher, especially--but not only!--if there are problems. Your teachers have provided ways of communicating with them at your child’s parent night. Sign up for PowerSchool and Canvas. Both of these resources are available through the MISD website and can be valuable tools to help you be aware of what and how your child is doing.

The NED Show!!

The NED show is coming to Baxter. Mark you calendars- Monday October 23rd at 1:30. This is a whole school assembly. This is also the beginning of Red Ribbon Week.

Baxter's Hub- Nancy Robertson, Library Media Specialist

This week in the library we are doing a lot of reading! We also celebrated talk like a pirate day on Tuesday by speaking like pirates for the morning announcements. Encourage your student to bring their books back to school on their library day. Happy Reading!!

A Quick Note from Nurse Martin

Cold and Flu season is upon us. Be sure your kids are washing their hands and keeping their fingers away from their eyes, nose, and mouth. Be sure to cover coughs and sneezes using their elbows. Reminder that students must be fever free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Here is a link for exclusions from school

What's Happening at Baxter?!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Tuesday, 9/26: Fundraiser ends

Tuesday 10/3: Block Party 6-9pm

Wednesday, 10/4: Baxter Belles 3:15-4:00pm

Friday, 10/6: Genius Hour

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Want to team with the JOY of Midlothian and the Miracle League?

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Need Canvas Help?!!

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What's for Breakfast and Lunch?