"The Hobbit"

Book By: J.R.R Tolkien, Project By: Kyrah Catlin


When a meek hobbit is brought upon an opportunity to go on an exciting journey, he politely refuses. Later on, he is persuaded and almost even forced to go on the most thrilling adventure of his life. Throughout Bilbo's journey, he gains characteristics, strengths, and also faces his fears. The quest included a variety of strange creatures, who Bilbo soon either despised, or befriended. Come on an adventure with Bilbo and the company to travel and explore strange, mysterious, and exciting places.

Favorite Quotes:

1. " 'Praps we sits her and chats with it a bitsy, my preciousss.'"

2. " 'If more of us valued food and cheer and song, over hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.' "

3. " 'There's nothing like looking, if you want to find something.' "

4. " 'This thing all things devours: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays kings, ruins towns, and beats high mountains down.' "

Favorite Characters


Gandalf is a very responsible and magical wizard in the Hobbit. He is very mystical. In fact, he is so mystical sometimes it might make him seem suspicious. Gandalf is a very wise man and also very helpful.
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Gollum is unaccompanied and very solitary. In fact, he is so lonely that he often talks to himself. When he rarely communicates with another being, he tends to talk in third-person. He is very entertaining and intriguing. He is very clever, which can be in a positive way, or can sometimes be negative. Most people find Gollum creepy and very weird, but what do you expect from someone who has been living in a dark cave, alone for most of their life?
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A Hero's Journey

The Ordinary World:

Bilbo lives a kind of boring life. Well, for an average hobbit he does. He enjoys smoking his pipe in the mornings and is a very kind and generous person. He doesn't like adventures or doing anything out of his comfort zone. He lives underneath the side of a mountain. His house is very big and he hates for it not to be spotless.

The Call to Adventure:

When Gandalf the wizard came along one day asking Bilbo to go on an adventure, he refused as politely as he could by saying no thank you and inviting him for tea the next day.

Refusal of the Call:

When a number of dwarfs come to Bilbo's door the next day, Bilbo is confused. The dwarfs start to pile into Bilbo's house. Finally, Gandalf shows up. The dwarfs sang songs to Bilbo and tried to explain what they had been planning to do, but he was still confused. After Gandalf explained, it all made sense to Bilbo, but he was still confused why Gandalf chose him to go.

Meeting with the Mentor:

Gandalf didn't necessarily have a specific reason for choosing Bilbo as the burglar, he just chose him because he thought he was the right person for the job. When Bilbo was about to ask why, Gandalf frowned at him very seriously, so Biblo decided to keep quiet.

Cross the Threshold:

After Bilbo heard the stories of their destination, he was quite afraid to go. When the trip began, Bilbo experienced the opposite of what he expected it to be. He anticipated it to be a little tiring, and not as long. He also expected better weather, but on the first day of the trip, it started to rain. At this point, Bilbo is more upset than he is scared, but his fears are still not overcome.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies:

Throughout Bilbo's expedition, he discovered many challenges. His first test was practically a dare, but it was still quite fearsome. He is later challenged with more tests along the way, and although they can be difficult, they also built up Bilbo's strength and abilities. Although he faced tough times, Bilbo also gained many companions throughout his journey. The variety of friends ranged from elves and skin-changers, to eagles and even humans. Even though Bilbo acquired many acquaintances, he also gained enemies. The main enemies, who both Bilbo and the company despised, were the goblins. The gang first met their opponents in the Goblin Caves and the forest of Mirkwood.

The Approach:

Before Bilbo attempts to access Smaug's lair and rescue the dwarfs, the company develops a plan. The elves lead the way with Bilbo following. He chats with Thorin and the other dwarfs through their cells to pass the time. Bilbo's final plan includes hiding the dwarfs in the barrels that will float down the river to the middle of Laketown.


Along the way the company is faced with many deaths. It seems as if the dwarfs won't make it, but they emerge safely, ready to reclaim Lonely Mountain as their own.


Throughout his adventure, Bilbo is rewarded with several things. Not only is does Bilbo gain characteristics, such as confidence and bravery, but he is also rewarded with physical possessions. Bilbo "finds" the invisibility ring and he also discovers his sword, "Sting". Both items are guidances to his success and help him very much.

The Road Back:

After Bilbo and the dwarfs have been freed from the barrels, they are fed and rested and start to prepare for the final approach upon Lonely Mountain. Here, the runes on the map are read. At this point, Bilbo has to show Gandalf that he was everything he claimed he was and, more. The company begins to travel up the private entrance to the gold.

Return with Elixir:

Bilbo settles the dispute by promising to share Thorin's gold with the men and elves if they are willing to fight against the coming enemies, Goblins and Warges. Bilbo gains respect from all in command. Thorin forgives him and the others pledge their loyalty to Bilbo.