Progressivism Presidents

By: Anthony Roberts, Bobby Henderson

President Roosevelt

Square deal

  • Described the progressive reform

- Became president in 1902

Bully Pulpit

  • Influence news media
  • Shape legislation


  • Companies that control all of a particular good or service

William Taft

  • Did not lower the Tariffs
  • Appointed pro-big business, borderline corrupt Secretary of Interior, Richard Ballinger
  • U.S. Steel suit in Oct.27,1911
  • TR organizied a monopoly with US steel to help during an economic receesion in 1907
  • TAFT charged them with a lawsuit and said the monopoly was illegal.

Woodrow Wilson

-Federal Trade Act

  • Set up Federal Trade Commission with power to investigate both possible legal violations by corporations and unfair business practices
  • Had power to issue orders to "Cease and Desist" unfair practices
-Clayton Anti-Trust Act

  • Strengthenedthe Sherman Antitrust Act by declaring certain business practices illegal
  • Freed labor unions and farm organizations from antitrust
  • Prohibited most injunctions against strikers
-Underwood Tariff

  • Substantially reduced tariff rates for the first time since the Civil War
-Sixteenth Amendment

  • Legalized a federal income tax