Math Board Fun


The process of using multiple apps in conjunction. With one another to complete a final task or project.

Math Curriculum Standards

MM1A1. Students will explore and interpret the characteristics of functions, using graphs, tables, and simple algebraic techniques.

MM1A2. Students will simplify and operate with radical expressions, polynomials, and rational expressions.

The Apps Needed

  1. Mail
  2. Photos
  3. Whiteboard (app)

How This Will Work

For this activity, you are required to have three apps on your phone. The first one is Whiteboard. This app allows students to write their own math equation down and have their partners take a try at it. The other app you are required to have is photos. Everyone already uses that for picture storage so it will never go away. The last app is called Mail. We are going to be using mail to send the math equations to the teacher. This app will be used to let students pick their own math equation that they are familiar with and trade it to a person in the classroom. The whole purpose of this activity is to educate kids by letting them solve classmates equations rather than having teachers make the equations for them.

Suggestions for Assessment

This is a fun way for students to not only interact with each other but learn math equations that are made by kids. I will first be making the students do this activity for thirty minutes a day and once they learn the material that way, we can move onto other curriculums. I am open for suggestions!