Soon Be Free

By: Lois Ruby, Essay By: Grace Beshore


The genre of this book if realistic fiction, and mystery.


The plot of this book is Dana lives in a house that James Weaver architect. A man was looking for something there. Back in time, Miz Lizbet died of her fever. James is then sent with his friend Will and his African American friend Solomon. Then them three were on their way to go save some slaves that Miz Lizbet said that she would save before she died. Once they get their Miz Lizbet's mother, Pru, and the rest of her family start their travels to Kansas. Their lives are at risk and they are in fear of getting caught. Callie, and Miz Pru are able to see into the future and they stopped everyone, except Will from getting on the boat. The boats boiler exploded and everyone was torn to shreds, except Pru's family, Solomon, and James. Even Will died. He was on the bottom of the ocean floor. In present day they found out why the man was looking in their back yard, it was to find a long lost treaty. They were able to make a fortune off of it if they found it. Fortunately, they found the treaty after a man died. The man was James's great-great-grandson. In the end, everything turned out like it was supposed to be.


The conflict is figuring out if he wants to betray the Delaware people, or the slaves.

Main Characters

James- Fighter, when he has a goal, he keeps on keeping on, he never gave up

Dana- Eager, Likes Mike, and she has a goal and she wants to reach it

Will- Bold, leader, strong, hothead. (Sometimes)




No matter what you are, or who you are, you love people just the same. Why I think that that is the theme is because James was friends with anyone and he didn't think of anyone less, or more. Also, he risked his life to save the slaves.

Point of Veiw

1st person
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My opinion of this book is a five because of it's action and suspense. I would suggest this book if you like Nancy Grew and a Martin Luther King book. I would recommend this book because this book was very thrilling and exciting. It is a little slow at the beginning, but gets better.