Space Project

The Apollo Missions By - Anju Neelanjana

How many missions where there ?

The Apollo Missions were used to land humans on the moon. There were 12 Apollo missions in total. Six missions (11, 12, 14,15,16 and 17) landed men on the moon, missions 7 and 9 tested the command and lunar modules while orbiting the Earth. Missions 8 and 10 did research, brought many photos while orbiting the Moon. Apollo 13 did not land on Moon due to a malfunction in the engine, but also brought photos. Apollo 1 had a tragic fire accident.

What did the missions do and what happened ?

Apollo 1- had a fire accident so could not land on the moon

Apollo 7,9 - tested the command and the lunar module in the Earth's orbit

Apollo 8,10 - Did experiments and got a lot of photos

Apollo 11- Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon for the first time and Neil Armstrong said " That's one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind " on July 20 ,1969

Apollo 12,14,15,16 and 17 - Landed men on moon

Apollo 13- Had a malfunction and had to return home without landing on the moon but got a lot of photos

Why did Apollo 1 have a fire accident ?

The Apollo 1 was to be the first manned mission from the U.S. But on January 27 1967 while the crew was having a pre-launch test a spark had ignited in the engine causing a flash fire. The crew inside died because the hatch of the apollo 1 spacecraft was stuck and they couldn't bear the smoke.
YouTube Apollo 1 Fire 1967

Why was the Apollo 11 mission so important ?

The Apollo 11 achieved president Kennedy's goal on July 16 1969 by landing on the moon and putting the U.S flag there. They brought back moon rocks, moon dust and other things from the moon. The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin Jr. They landed back on Earth in the Pacific Ocean on July 24 1969.
First Moon Landing 1969

What did the Apollo 15 mission carry ?

The Apollo 15 carried the first lunar rover which allowed them to travel further from their campsite and get more samples.
Night Launch of Apollo 17 the last manned mission to the Moon from the NASA TV broadcast

What was used to get there ?

The astronauts used the command module and the lunar module to reach the moon. The command and lunar module would be attached and when landing on the moon the lunar module separate from the command module and land on the moon.

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My photograph taken next to the crew of Apollo 11 in NASA, Houston.