Northwest Territories

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Landform Region

Northwest Territories has the longest river in Canada which is Mackenzie River, Rocky mountain, and 2 Largest Lakes in Canada Which is Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories is also a slice of land.

Climate Region

Northwest Territories's annual temperature is 5.2 Degrees.The average temperature is about 44.4 Degrees for monthly. During the winter it is -29 Degrees.In Spring the temperature rises to -1 Degrees. The hottest temperature is 19 Degrees during the summer.

Climate Graph

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Vegetation Region

The type of Vegetation that Northwest Territories has is tundra, plant that grow is arrowhead, bedstraw, bistort, etc... .
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Soil Region

Northwest Territories uses Bog Soil to grow their plants and the soil is difficult to grow any plants, Bog is a wetland
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The Northern Life Museum would attract people to visit Northwest Territories for the Culture and its the natural collection.

Other Facts

Northwest Territories you are able to see the Aurora Borealis.

Every March the community built a castle out of snow