Michael J. Strand

Professional Ceramist


Michael recently returned to creating ceramics after taking twenty years off. He used his Nordic roots to inspire his art and designs. He received his BFA at St. Could University in North Dakota for ceramics and his MA for painting in 1996. He then moved to Nebraska where he spent thirteen years working on receiving a MFA in ceramics at UNL and spent some of those years in Spain for a residency before he received his degree.


In my opinion, Michael's work is unique and always has a fun look to it. His glazes always bring out the shape and textures of his creations. His glazes that he uses never fails to bring out the beauty of his work. He knows how to work with the clay and the glazes to bring positive attention to all of his work.

Michael's Creations


I believe his purpose to creating his unique work is to show even his simple work can bring out the beauty in all creations made from a human hand. His function and form is always though out and always is made to fit his style. He has texture and pattern in everything he makes and allows all of his work to have a unique style.