The Hunger Games

By: Suzanne Collins


The Hunger Games takes place in a country called Panem. Panem was hit time after time by natural disasters including fires, tretcherous storms, long droughts, and horrible wars. The country is divided into 12 districts and The Capitol. The games occur in a dense forest.


In the book there are many points that show sacrifice, but the main one that comes to mind is when Katniss volunteers in Primrose, her little sister's, spot to be the female tribute from district 12. She potentially sacrifices her life.

Main Characters


The Hunger Games

This book interested me when I heard that there would be a 16 year old girl fighting for her life and her district among many other tributes. It also interested me because it was based on a girl fighting not a guy, which seemed different then normal. I purchased the set of Hunger Games books at Barnes and Noble last year, but just recently decided to read them. I would recommend this book to 13-16 year old people.

The Hunger Games Book Trailer by Suzanne Collins
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