FSE Weekly Update

There's a Superhero in Each of Us!

January 4, 2016

Guardian of the Galaxy!

Mrs. Morantes- Thank you for your hard work with our 3 year old students!

Remember to acknowledge each other for acts of kindness and going above and beyond on our Guardian of the Galaxy bulletin board by the mailboxes.

RTI Time is Critical

Second semester is here and we know which students are behind. RTI time is perfect for targeted, focused support. It is not homework/catch up time. The administrative team will be including walkthroughs during RTI times to provide feedback and look for ways we can better support your team during the spring semester. We will not pull paras from RTI times unless we have notified you. It is our last resort to pull RTI support from you. Please let us know if you have concerns about RTI times/support.

Save the Date- June 13-17

The TEKS Resource Conference is being moved from August to June. It will be held in San Antonio, despite the rumors we heard last year about it moving to Dallas. We usually try to send teachers from each team, so please save this week when planning vacations.

To Find Time to Read, Something's Got to Go

With schedules that are already jam-packed, we must steer clear of activities that are less important and less powerful than real reading. Think about activities that often take up valuable minutes in the reading classroom: worksheets, crossword puzzles, word searches, cut and paste activities, coloring pages. None of these activities honors what study after study has concluded about how kids learn to read. They need books in their hands. Books they CAN and WANT to read.

Will vs. Skill: Where are you?

Start January Strong! High will people are more effective in everything they do!

Skill is the science of teaching; it involves a teacher's pedagogical and content knowledge. It determines how well teachers know the subject and how well they can help students learn it. Will has to do with a teacher's passion; it is the art of teaching. It involves teachers' drive to help all students be successful. Master teachers have high skill and high will. They don't just know their craft; they also have the drive and determination to be the best at it.

Counseling Corner

Homework Lab Tuesday-Friday- Be sure the student brings their homework with them!

Paw Buck Store is now open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:25- If your students are asking for particular items for the store, please let us know!

Weekly Good News Submission For January

Please be sure to email Kim Cathey for the Wilson County News.

January 4-8: Carmen Garza

January 11-15: Pam Henke, Daelah Laskowski

January 18-22: Kristen Wiatrek

January 25-29: Katrina Montoya


Congratulations Mrs. George and Mrs. Royal on your FISD Education Foundation Grants!

Save the Dates!

Please remember to check the !ALL South online calendar.

January 7- Student Council Meeting after school

January 8- 80s Day; Spelling bee

January 11- Choir after school

January 12- 3:10 all certified staff meet in the cafeteria for TAPR Report

January 13- Little Sprouts after school

January 14- Robotics Club after school; Power Hour FSE cafeteria

January 15- 5th grade lunch bunch with Dr. Bays

January 18- MLK Holiday

January 19- Department meetings- start in the cafeteria

January 21- 4th and 5th grade dance

January 25- Choir/New Teacher meeting

January 26- Faculty meeting/Art Club Field Trip

January 27- Little Sprouts after school

Happy Birthday to our January Birthdays!!!!

2-Debra Yeager

5-Tami Kensing and Melissa Zamora

6-Sara Garcia

8-Jordan Sekula

9-Amy Hawkins

13-Catherine Bruett

17-Terri Garrard

23-Melissa Meyer (cafeteria)

26-Gloria Cantu and Margarita Aguilera (cafeteria)

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