The Changing World

Rotation: Ipad Station -- Learning and Wonders

Today in this station, you are going to be reading several texts about landforms. To help you keep track of your learning, you need to draw a T-chart. Your T-Chart will need two (2) sections. The first column will need to be titled, "I learned," and the other column needs to be titled, "I wonder." As you read each text, you will need to record new information that you learn in the "I learned" column, and any questions you may have under the "I wonder" column. Since you are using ipads, you will need to synergize if you are working with another person to make sure each person gets a chance to read the text. You have the entire nonfiction block to finish reading. Your goal is to record as much information as you can. Have fun Wildcats!
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Resource 1

Read the text found on this website. Be sure to record any new learning or questions.

As you learn about a new type of landform, sketch a picture of it and label it on another page in your journal.

Resource 2

This website has MANY different texts to read. Take your time and go through each one. There are so many cool facts on each site. You might even learn about the landforms found in the United States! Don't forget to keep recording your new learning and questions!
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Resource 3

Volcanoes, mountains, and valleys, OH MY! Who knew there were so many different types of landforms! Check out the following text that will show you all the many landforms around the world. Be sure to record any new learning or questions on your T-Chart.
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Summary Reflection

After learning all about landforms, which landform do you find the most interesting? Why do you think so?