by Hailey shelley

Physical description

A Tasmanian devil looks like a little bear .They are broad and heavy ,with short limbs and a stumpy tail. Adult Tasmanian devil are 3 feet log [ 9 meters .] including a 1 foot long tail. they mostly black fur . Also they have short muscular legs and large head and ears . Tasmanian devils most likely weigh 11-22 pounds .
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Tasmanian devils live in dry lands ,scrubby forests . but it can also be found in lush rain forests. Tasmanian devils live alone in hiding places like caves ,hollow logs ,and deserted wombats .
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population / Endangered

Scientist are finding out that Tasmanian devil are getting cancer. 70 percent of Tasmanian devil are dead,since a disease is spreading. Also they are almost extinct in the wild because of humans.
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For a long time Tasmanian devils have lived in Australia because that is where find there prey . People think along time ago they were being killed by dingo's .