Careers in the Trades

Our goal is to have you career ready too!

Items to review on this newsletter...

At Hobart High School we want our future graduates to be aware of the opportunities that are available to them upon graduating high school. For many of our students they believe that attending a 4 year university is the first option. So what we would like to showcase in this newsletter are the many opportunities available within the skilled trades and vocational careers.

Opportunities are out there!

"There is a drastic labor shortage in construction right now, and other skilled trades and vocational careers, like electricians and welders, are right at the edge of experiencing the same problem. In the summer of 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 7.8 million Americans were unemployed. The very same month, they reported that there were 5.8 million available construction jobs. While not every unemployed American could physically work in construction, those numbers put things in a staggering perspective. There are less skilled workers than there are skilled jobs. Some of the best trade jobs have a high demand for vocational school graduates and typically offer a rewarding salary. In this piece we name the best trade school jobs based on the average salary of each of the vocational careers."

Next Level Jobs - Free training

Next Level Jobs provides Hoosiers with free state-wide training in high-paying, in-demand industries. Next Level Jobs also provides Indiana employers with reimbursements up to $50,000 to train their employees in these high-growth fields.

Indiana Plan

The Indiana Plan's mission is to address and correct the problem of low minority participation in the union building trades. To do this, we offer comprehensive services for both the signatory contractors who work with us to find recruits, and also for the minority and women workers we help train and find jobs in the union construction industry in Indiana.

We Build NWI!

We Build Northwest Indiana was created as a resource for individuals interested in career opportunities within the construction and maintenance industry. Some career opportunities may require a college degree while most require a comprehensive training and education program known as apprenticeship. Successful applicants generally possess three common attributes:

  • They have a strong work ethic
  • They are responsible
  • They are dedicated to being the best

Construction Advancement Foundation of Northwest Indiana

The Construction Advancement Foundation of Northwest Indiana, Inc. is a Regional Construction Industry Trade Association with Over 500 Affiliated Contractor Companies.

We Serve professional construction contractors working in Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton, Starke, and Jasper counties in Indiana.