6 Red Social Studies


Welcome! This newsletter will be your window into what's happening in our Social Studies classroom! I hope it will give you a starting point for conversation at home about what your student is learning. Questions? Email me anytime at sguillen@dps109.org

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Picture Books in the Classroom

Why? All kids, even middle schoolers, love being read to! Each book shared is based on a true story, and provides students a 'real-life' connection to history!


In the next week, we will be wrapping up our unit on the Causes of the Civil War. We have looked at the economies of the North and South, the geographical differences of the two regions, and are completing a study of the political decisions of the time that paved the way to America's most deadly and brutal war.

On January 26th, students will be assigned to create a "Paper Slide Movie" on a Civil War topic of their choice. A culminating Civil War test is planned for about February 19th!

What's with all the READING AND WRITING? A look at the STANDARDS!

In addition to new Illinois State Standards, Social Studies also includes Common Core Reading in History and Writing standards. In our classroom, we integrate learning of these standards with the historical content. Students are challenged to use a variety of primary and secondary sources to draw conclusions about key historical events.