Wanted: Asta's Son

By - Carter Steele

Reasons Asta's son is wanted!

Asta's son is accused of stealing treasure from the manor. He stole church wine to ease his mother's pain before she died. He is like a greedy pig. He ran away from the priest when the priest said he should go and pray. He is so disrespectful and I think a monkey could be nicer. He broke curfew because he ran into the forest. He has committed too many sins, now he is like a thief deserving an execution at once. He is a wolf's head which means anyone can kill him.


Big money coming your way if you get Asta's Son

I will pay you 100 shillings. This is more than you can make in a year. You will be as rich as your king. I will also give you bread, vegetables, meat and livestock. This will sustain you for years to come. I must have him alive to receive this. If you kill him, I will come after you, and burn your house down. I will have you falsely accused of wrongdoing. You will then be sent to prison. I will then have the king declare an execution immediately.

Come to the Manor at dusk. You will receive your reward at that time.

This could be yours!

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