Industrial Revolution Sweatshop


What does this Sweatshop make?

Converse sweatshops makes shoes!

Where are they located?

The main four main factories are in Indonesia, Sukabumi, China, and Vietnam.

What are the working conditions?

Working conditions in the sweatshops are vey harmful. Workers was kicked, slapped, taunted, with ongoing abuse, at times shoes would be thrown at them! At one times 6 females was ordered to stand in the sun for 6 hours to complete 60 dozes of shoes. Converse factories are the worst out of any other Nike shop. If you was a worker you would have to work 9-13 hours a day for six days a week. Pay for workers was 50 cents a hour, that's just enough for food and bunk-housing.

Is converse Sweatshops still used?

Yes they are.

How did the Industrial Revolutiion affect working conditions today?

Newer jobs, better technology, less hours, and more pay.

What solutions alternates are there to sweatshops?

Assembly line, factories, more workers, and labor unions

What did I learn?

That there it was very harsh, the pay very low, long work days, very abusive, and your employer would make you do anything.

As an american consumer, are you now more concerned with how the products you buy are made? Why or why not

Yes, the quality of the product and what people suffer to do or make it.
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