Water Crisis

By: R.M and Safeshare.tv


20% of the worlds population lives in China. They only have 7% of the worlds fresh water. 39% of it is to toxic to even come in contact with humans. The crisis also effects economic growth. China suffers a 2% GDP (Gross Domestic Product) loss due to water pollution and scarcity. China is running low on FRESH WATER.


1/3 of Spain is at risk of turning into desert. Last Year, River Tietar ran dry for the first time. Southeast Spain is drying to the point of resembling the climate in Africa. Hundreds of Thousands of illegal wells are damaging the fragile ecosystem and draining aquifers.


Water in India is wasted. There is a lack of a sustainable water. India onley has 20 years left.


More than 76% of Calafornia is currently in an extreme drought. Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, and Nevada are also facing extreme droughtss affecting 56%-87% of the state.
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California drought in 2014