Brush-tailed Possum

By Nya 3D

A possum is an Australian mammal that is mainly nocturnal. The scientific name for the brush tail possum is a trackosaurus.

It is found mainly in the south. It likes to live in trees. Brush tail possums have big bushy tail. When you shine a torch in their eyes at night their eyes glow. Brush tail possums are very furry too. Some possums are the size of a cat. An adult possum is between 35 and 55 centimetres long. They have pink wet noses and sharp claws for climbing up trees. Possums eat some insects and moths. Possums love eating tomatoes too. Possums mainly mate in autumn and spring. The possums predators are tasmanian devils, dingos, cats, large pythons and goannas.

Brush-tailed possums are not endangered.