Physical & chemical changes

by alexis

physical properties

Any characteristic of a material that can be obsverved or measured without changing the identity of the material.


color and shape

physical changes

The physical properties of a substance changes,but the of the substance does not change.


  • Changing from one state of matter to the next
  • Melting 0 degrees C and boiling point 100 degrees
  • slicing bread, melting ice ,mowing lawn

chemical properties

Any charactistic that gives a substanc the abiliy to undergo a change that results in anew substance.


  • flammability
  • reacts wih oxygan
  • reult with light

chemical change

A change inthe identitty ofa sudstance due t ohe chemical properties of that substant

example s

  • flamability
  • reacts with oxygen
  • heat & light
  • eletricity

Law of conservation of mass

The mass of what you end with is always the same as the mass of what you start with