Point of View

The point of view is third person (limited omniscient). It's third person omniscient limited because it has both action and thoughts in the characters.


There was a boy named Stanley Yelnats who has a bad curse on him, because of his no good pig-stealing great great grandfather. One day he was walking home and then BANG!!! Baseball cleats fell on his head. They were from a famous baseball player. The cops came and they thought he was the on who stole the cleats, and gave him a choice jail or Camp Green Lake. Later on he meets some people who he thought they were his friends but they really were messing with him. After that he finds one person named Zero who didn't talk that much until later on. Stanley taught him because he wasn't good with words. Later on, Zero runs away because the counselors were bullying him. Stanley went after him, and found him in a upside down wagon that had this mystery food in it called Sploosh. They tried to find this mysterious place that look like a thumb. They find it and the mountain has sweet onions growing on it. They hear about a treasure and they think they can find it and they do. But it is covered in poisonous lizards. After that part they keep it and split it in half.

Literary Devices in Holes

Allusion-They call the mountain "God's Thumb" which is a reference to God and in the Bible when people climb mountains to find God (Moses).

Imagery-In the 1890s, Camp Green Lake is seen as a "heaven on Earth." In the present day, it is hot and dry.

Foreshadowing-Holes could refer to multiple holes, both good and bad. It could be in life or the holes they dig.

"Holes" | 60second Book Review

Critique the Story

Holes was a really awesome book. It was both funny and a mystery. This makes it very intriguing. It also has good characters. The dialogue was delightful and scary.
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