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This one of a kind Steamboat is for sale!

If you buy this Steamboat you will have the time of your life! You can take your time and relax, you can bring many people with you, you can even listen to Popeye! Some disadvantages are you can sink. The era of steamboats came to America in 1787. John Fitch made the very first trail of a forty-five-foot steamboat.

This Steamboat is guaranteed to work!

History of the Steamboats

The first attempts at steamboat building were by Americans John Fitch and James Rumsey in the 1790's. Fitch's numerous designs did not catch hold. In 1805, Oliver Evans attached a steam engine to a boat, mounted it on wheels, and drove it through the streets of Philadelphia to the Schuylkill River, proving publically that steam could be used to propel even large objects. This steamboat was one of the original designs by Robert Fulton. Steamboats are most often thought to have existed solely on the Mississippi and the Missouri River. The Red river however, also had steamboats.

If you come on November 14th (Robert Fulton Birthday) you get HALF off!

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To dampbåter på Vestlandet, 1934-1940 (Old steamboats) (16 mm-film)