Future of bussiness

Freemuim what's free: web software and service some content free, free to whom: user of the basic version. Adventising what's free: content, services, software and more free to whom: everyone. Cross-subsides what's free:any product that entice you to pug for something else, free to whom:everyone willing to pay everntually one way or another . Zero marginal cost what's free: things that can be distributed without an appreciable cost to anyone, free to whom: everyone. Labor exchange what's free: website and service, free to whom: all users since the act of using these site and service actually create something of value. Gift economy: what's free: the whole enchilada,be it open source software or user- generuted content free to whom: everyone


In 1894,this book called The Human Drift, argued that industry should be taken over by a singer corporutiopion free's notes
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