Vertical Bar Graph

aka a histogram

Vertical Bar Graph

Vertical Bar Graph

A similar graph to others but it is easier to compare two different objects that are independent variables. Each variable will relate to a fixed value which in other words means that it will make you understand the horizontal bar graph.The values are positive and therefore can be fixed to the horizontal value.Also should include the reason for the bar graph and should have the axis line before you start the vertical bar graph.

A example of a vertical bar graph

it some what tells you how much rainfall their is in inches.

How to create a vertical bar graph

So to begin it you have to write the titel for the bar graph then start drawing the lines with your ruler then mark it down and up,up is where you write the numbers and bottom is where you write the month or something like that.

What are pros and cons in a vertical bar graph

There are even pros and cons for the vertical bar graph which is,"Pros" are the primary positive aspects of an idea, process, or thing; "Cons" are the primary negative aspects. The term "Pros and Cons" means both the primary positive and negative aspects of an idea, process, or thing, and is often used to clarify or decide whether that idea, process, or thing is mainly positive or mainly negative.