The South Texas Renegades

Sydney Stratton 5th

What's a Renegade?

A Renegade is an outlaw or a person that rejects lawful behavior.

The Renegades

Renegades from both sides of the Rio Grande started robbing and raiding towns/settlements. There was both conflict and violence. The crimes that were comitted increased as more renegades moved into Texas. These renegades were feared by many people.

Problems in South Texas

Ambitious ranchers started to take advantage of the lack of law and order to expand their land and their herds of cattle. Lots of poor people lost their land and were mistreated. It was hard to tell who owned the cattle. Law enforcements added to all of the other problems that were happening amoung Texas. Texas Rangers were sent to help establish peace. The rangers were very effective and fearless but people believed that they were allowing illegal acts.

Problems solved

The Mexican army started to patrol the land south of the Rio Grande which helped reduce the crimes commited. The peace did not come easily and many Mexican Americans would remember this time with bitterness.