Jack and his Herpes

What will his girlfriend and friend with benefits think?


Jack has been dating Tina for about 6 months now. They started having sex about 2 months in. Jack also has a "friends with benefits", Julie.


What is the appropriate and responsible action for Jack?

He should tell his girlfriend and his friends with benefits that he has herpes and that they should get tested just in case they might have herpes.

What does all of this mean for Julie and Tina?

this could mean that they both have herpes and that they now care the STD that many others carry.

Is this an example of a healthy relationship? Why or why not?

No, for two reasons, the fact that he has sex with two woman knowing that he has herpes and still has sex with them, and also the fact that hes cheating on his girlfriend with another woman.

What are the symptoms of herpes, and should the two girls look out for these symptoms

Some people that have herpes show blister-like sores in the genital area. it is not true though that the virus can be spread only when blisters are present. the virus can be spread with the absence of any symptoms. There are some medications that help relive the disease but the symptoms cannot be cured. You can also even gain HIV from gaining herpes. The only way to be sure that you do or don't have herpes id to be tested, which is exactly what the two woman should do.