Sunnyside Elementary

An EL Network School

Sunnyside Theory of Action 2021-2022

If we create a structure for portfolios, student-led conferences, and passages, AND support students in reflecting on how the character traits help them master standards and produce high quality work, Sunnyside students will make progress in all three dimensions of student achievement.

Sunnyside Communication Promise

Instead of formal Parent Teacher Conferences in December and March, D91 is hoping to build a model where the school, the teacher, the family and the students work together to communicate on a more regular basis. We recognize that with formal conferences, those set aside days can be helpful to some, but we are hoping to create a model where we have open communication more consistently throughout the entire year to address students academic and social needs on a more regular basis.

In D91's efforts to communicate more effectively, Sunnyside staff has been working on a Communication Promise. The purpose of this promise is to make our intentions clear as a staff crew on how we hope to keep families and students engaged and a part of the learning process at Sunnyside. Our promise is below:

  1. We promise to initiate and maintain communication with parents and families regarding student behavior, progress, and instruction.

  2. We promise to engage in two-way communication and provide support for parents in accessing communication platforms.

  3. We promise to encourage and participate in respectful and positive two-way interactions with students and families to ensure student success.

  4. We promise to respond in a timely manner.

  5. We promise to get to know each child’s unique abilities and attributes in order to build on their strengths and areas of opportunities for growth.

We are working hard to be proactive in our efforts to keep you informed but if you ever need clarification, have a question or would like to meet with a teacher, you may request to do so at any time! We will be holding Parent Focus Groups starting in November in which we will ask for feedback regarding our communication efforts as well. Please keep an eye out for more information on these Focus Groups.

Thank you in advance for your support, kindness and flexibility as we work hard to improve our practice!

-Sunnyside Staff Crew

Halloween Celebrations!

Thursday, October 28th

Mrs. Dixon's AM and PM classes will have their Halloween Celebration on Thursday, October 28th because they have specials on Friday. Dixon's AM and PM kindergarteners can wear their costumes on Thursday, October 28th!

Friday, October 29th

All 1st-6th grade classes and Mrs. Jones' kindergarten class will be having Halloween parties on Friday, October 29th. All students are welcome to wear their costumes on Friday October 29th!

We will not be having a parade this year due to time restraints.

Here are the costume guidelines while at school:

  • Students should choose costumes that will have minimal interference with their ability to participate in their education.
  • Students may not bring or wear masks.
  • Students may not wear make-up or face paint.
  • Students may not bring any pretend weapons.
  • Please do not wear inflatable costumes- they do not fit in the desk and each year we have them get broken, which we do not want! They are so fun, but not school compatible.
  • Students who do no adhere to these guidelines will be asked to change into their regular school clothing.

If you have questions about these guidelines or questions about your child's Halloween party, please reach out to their teacher. Teachers will be sharing more information with their classes individually.

Thank you and have a spooky Halloween!

-Sunnyside Teacher Crew


Over the past year, our staff spent time designing, discussing and voting on a new Sunnyside logo. You will see this logo on our new letterhead, school apparel and more!
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Starting January 18th, 2021

All donations made to the building will be made to grade levels and not individual teachers.

Teachers will then choose to split the donation between the teachers on their grade-level team or they can choose to use the donation together for something.

The reason for this change is to promote equity. We have some classrooms who receive donations every year and we have some classrooms who have never received a donation. Our mission is to impact the most students as possible and this is one piece in making that happen.

You can still make school-wide donations to technology, EL materials, media center and playground as well.

All donations can be done at the Sunnyside front office with one of our wonderful secretaries.

Thank you so much for all your support of our staff and students!

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NEW to the Crew!

Chandra Lange- Assistant Principal

Hello! My name is Chandra Lange, and I am very excited to be the assistant principal at Sunnyside next year. I was born and raised in Idaho Falls- in fact, my parents still live in my childhood home. I have my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and my master's degree in Educational Leadership. Prior to coming to Sunnyside, I taught fourth grade at Linden Park for the past seven years. I am passionate about finding ways to see our students reach their full potential and be successful. I love getting to know all of the kids at school and their families, so always feel free to stop me and say hello. When I am not at school, I can usually be found outside, either working in my garden, reading a book in the hammock, or going camping and hiking with my loved ones. I love getting to be an educator, so I am very honored to get to spend the day with all the amazing kids at Sunnyside. I am looking forward to getting to know all of the kids, staff, and families at Sunnyside!
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Hunter Bailey-5th Grade

I’m Miss Hunter Bailey. I am so excited to join Sunnyside Elementary as a fifth grade teacher! This year will be my second year as a full-time teacher. Last year, I taught kindergarten at a private academy in Jukjeon, South Korea. Prior to moving to South Korea, I graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education and completed my student teaching at a Canadian International School in Guangzhou, China. I love learning new things, reading, traveling, movies, animals, roller coasters, and K-Pop (Korean Pop) music. My hobbies include building LEGO sets, visiting uncommon tourist attractions, and playing sports, especially ice hockey and volleyball. I am very close with my big family which includes my parents, four sisters, four dogs, three horses, three cats, two brothers-in-law, and one adorable nephew.
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Amanda Varvel-5th Grade

Hi! My name is Amanda Varvel! I graduated from BYU-I in April 2021 with my degree in Elementary Education and a minor in History Education. It has been my lifelong dream to be a teacher! I did my student teaching in Plain City Utah, and have also taught 5th grade Social Studies in Rexburg, Idaho. Besides teaching, I love to read, paint, play and teach violin and piano, cook and bake, and spend time with my husband. I am so excited to join the amazing crew at Sunnyside Elementary!
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Challis Parke-4th Grade

I love to travel, go to concerts, hike, yoga, and be anywhere near water. I have three children and one son-in-law. They are my world and I love supporting them in all their adventures. I am and will always be a student. I love learning and sharing the things I have learned along the way. I am so excited to join the crew at Sunnyside!
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Hope Gihiring-1st Grade

Hope is returning to our staff from the D91 Online Academy! She is previous Sunnyside Crew member and we are so excited to have her back in 1st grade at Sunnyside! Hope is marries to a Westside farmer and has three adorable kiddos! Welcome back, Hope!
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Jaidon Dixon

My name is Jaidon Dixon. I live in Idaho Falls with my husband, two little girls and our zoo of farm animals. I received my Associates Degree in General Business in 2017 from the College of Southern Idaho, and will be graduating from Western Governors University with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education this coming December! I enjoy spending time out side, camping and hanging out with my family. This will be my first year teaching and I am so excited to get started and to get to know all of the wonderful student, families and staff here at Sunnyside!
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Addison Warr-PE

Hello! My name is Addison Croft and I am new to the Sunnyside team. I graduated from BYU-Idaho in December of 2020 with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in History Education. I have previous experience teaching preschool and an after school program for high schoolers. I absolutely love to be outside with my family and my dog, Luna. I am married to my wonderful husband, Justin, and recently had a baby girl named Caroline. I am so excited to be teaching at Sunnyside!
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Brooke Bishop-Music

Hello! My name is Brooke Bishop. I graduated in 2020 from Rigby High School. I’ve spent the past six months teaching elementary English in Costa Rica and Mexico. I love playing the piano and singing and can’t wait to teach music to your kiddos!
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Debbie Rice-Inclusion Aide

Hi, my name is Debbie Rice. I am new to Sunnyside Elementary and also to Idaho Falls. Most recently, I have worked with a speech pathologist in Barrow Alaska, which is the northern most point in the United States. I have a degree from Ilisagivk College in early childhood education. I also attended BYU and took classes in elementary education and communicative disorders. I have six grown children and ten grandchildren. I love traveling, DIY projects, and my family. I am looking forward to making Idaho Falls my home and having a great year here at Sunnyside Elementary.
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Linda Davis- Intervention Aide

Hi, my name is Linda Davis and I am very excited to be a part of the Crew here at Sunnyside Elementary School.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University and have worked with children of many ages for over 34 years. Most of my experience was working with Seminole County Public Schools in Central Florida primarily as a Math and Science teacher until my retirement in 2015.

After retirement, my husband and I moved to Idaho Falls to explore new horizons. We love camping and exploring the National Parks nearby. My other favorite past time hobbies include cooking, gardening, and crafting.

I am a proud mother of one daughter who is now working as a veterinary pathologist.

I have dedicated my life to working with children by helping them further their education so they can be successful in whatever path they may choose to follow.

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Sunnyside Suggestions!

We are hoping to begin gathering some data from Sunnyside families and community members regarding our school and the efforts we are putting in to make Sunnyside amazing! You can now find a series of QR codes in the newsletter, the front foyer, the front office, etc. that look like the codes below. If you come across these, we kindly ask you to take a second, scan the code and take our brief surveys. These surveys will not expire and will remain open to gather input and suggestions over time. Our hopes is that this helps further open up communication between Sunnyside and our community so that we can work together for our students!

Please remember to be kind and respectful when giving suggestions and input. We are all here for the same reason...for our students!

To scan a QR code, you can download a QR reading app or you can scan it using the camera feature on your iPhone!

Thank you!

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Phone/Smart Watch Policy

Sunnyside families!

Just a quick reminder as we jump into the second half of the year. Kids are welcome to wear smart watches to school. However, once the bell rings at 8:15, the watch is to be used as a watch- not a phone. Once the bell rings at 2:25pm and students have left the building they can use their watch as a phone. Our policy is that students are not using cell phones at school, including at recess- this includes watches being used as phones. If there is an emergency and you need to contact your student or if they need to contact you during school hours, we will do this through the office. We kindly ask for your support in this moving forward!

Learning Options in D91

There are two different learning options in D91.

1. Brick and Mortar schools (Face-to Face learning)

This is when a student comes in person to the physical school building for class Monday-Thursday with remote learning on Fridays. Teachers at the brick and mortar schools provide online learning experiences for those who are missing school for COVID related absences ONLY (quarantine or confirmed cases.)

2. D91 Online Academy

Students can enroll the online academy through D91 which takes place completely online. Students would access online school from their homes with the facilitation of parents/guardians. If you would like more info on this option, please visit the D91 website or call the District Office. The deadline to enroll for the D91 Online Academy is Friday, November 6th at 5pm.

Sunnyside and it's teachers do not offer a completely online option for students. If you have further questions, please call the Sunnyside office!


Substitute Teaching at Sunnyside!

We are asking for anyone who is interested in subbing at Sunnyside, to please click the link below and apply! We would love to increase the number of subs we have to call this year! Please us the link below and apply under the opening of "In-House Substitute"

If you have further questions, please shoot me an email at

THANK you SOO much for helping support our teachers and students!

Free & Reduced Lunch Program and Friday Lunch Program

You can apply for free/reduced meals on the district website with the link below! or by picking up an application from the Sunnyside Office!

Lunches are free through the end of the 2020-2021 school year!

District 91 Online Academy

Click here for more information

Elementary Registration

Welcome to Idaho Falls School District 91! Our elementary schools serve students in grades K-6. Register ONLINE! You can upload all required documents online.

A HUGE Shoutout to our Sunnyside Teaching Crew!!

We love these teachers so much! They are constantly trying to find innovative things to do with our students and working so hard everyday to make learning fun! We are so lucky to have this teaching crew!
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4th Grade

Mrs. Fields' Crew

Mrs. Murphy's Crew

Mrs. Campbell's Crew

Mrs. Carson's Crew

5th Grade

Mrs. Allison's Crew

Mrs. Farnsworth's Crew

Mrs. Wahlquist's Crew

Mrs. Robert's Crew

6th Grade

Mrs. Tabereaux's Crew

Mrs. Allen's Crew

Mrs. Phelps' Crew

Mrs. Hiltbrand's Crew

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Whiting!

Mrs. Whiting's Virtual Worry Box

Use the QR Code below to access!
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Mrs. Orr's Crew


3rd grade students created an Adobe Spark video to explain collaboration. Way to go kids!

Sunnyside Anonymous Safety Concern Reporting Form

This form is for parents or community members to share specific safety concerns that they may have regarding Sunnyside Elementary. Please share your concern, the location and individuals involved if known. Emails will not be gathered, so this report remains anonymous. You may choose to identify yourself, but it is not required. Kindly keep this form for SAFETY concerns only.
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A message from our Librarian

Hey Sunnyside Parents!

The end of the school year is fast approaching. Please help your kiddos look for their library books at home. They have a way of hiding under beds, at the bottom of closets, and under car seats.

I will start collecting all library books at the end of this week.

If your child is sure they turned in their book, but you are still getting a library notice, please email me and I will check to see if it is on our shelves.

Because all of the books will soon be put away, I will be showing Raya and the Last Dragon during library time at school the last week of school. If you do not want your child participating in watching this movie with their class during library, please contact me by email and I will have an alternate activity for your child to do during this time.

All books due May 21st.

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Anna Burton