Me Project


Who am I?

Hi my name is Jaskaran and I am a 16 year old grade 10 student at Louise Abour Secondary. I enjoy playing video games and sports with my friends, I also am a car enthusiast.

My Life Line

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Event 10: September 2014

This is my high school. I came here in September 2014 when I was 14 years old. When I first came at the age of 14, I was really happy to come and come to a bigger, better, and newer place.

My Favorite Things

Leadership style


The leadership style that I got was the coercive leadership style from the survey. I practice this leadership when I am playing soccer or any other sports in which I have to command one of my team mates to do something.


My friends

My friends have been very influential in my life. My friends are not only like others who are only there when you need to play video games or outside, they are there when I need them. My friends have influenced me to do better at school and also they have made me better in soccer as well. they have influenced me to better at school because if they do better than me I am determined to do better. They have also made me better at soccer because we would play everyday.

Role Model / People in my life

My Brother

My brother has been my biggest role model because he pushes me to do better. he wants me to do better academically and in my future. He tells me things that he did to better in school. He is my role model because I want to become like him. I really enjoy being with him and the things he does those things that he does pushes me to do better in life.

My future


In the future I want to become an Architect. I want to go into Architecture because I really enjoy looking at a building from inside-out and appreciate how the building looks and how much time and effort the person that made the design put into the project. Also architecture is something different.

Family Symbols

Quiz results

My Blueprint results:

Learning style: Kinesthetic

Personality: ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

Interest: The Arranger

Knowledge: Mathematics

Motivation: Independence

Compatibility: Computer System Architect

Keirsey and Enneagram:


Multiple intelligance:


Career/ Learning style:


Meyer Briggs:

Executive (ESTJ)

John Holland Career Cluster:


Right or Left brain:



Out of all these tests the one I would prefer to be the most accurate would be the My Blueprint quizzes because they are the most thorough and show the most results. I think these tests were good because they show multiple subtopics and each have a separate tests to show how you are in those topics and show many job preferences according to the results, for example a Knowledge test, there would be many questions to test a persons knowledge and at the end of the test they would show what kind of knowledge you are best at and an example for that would be mathematics. The My Blueprint test was also a good test that would help determine what I can do. It was a good test to help me determine what I want to be because after every quiz i would take, according to the results I would get a list of jobs that are appropriate for me, and the jobs that were listed were some of the jobs I was actually interested in and I also got to think about the different careers that I never thought about being in. The test that was the least helpful was the Right side Left side brain test. I think that test was the least helpful because it does not really help me in my career and helping in what I could do in the future career wise.

I have many strengths, but out of the many the strengths that I think that are the most powerful are bravery, humorous, curious, and energetic. I think of myself as a brave person because I tend to be the first one to do things that most people would not do normally. I think that is a personal strength of mine because many people tend to follow my path when I do some thing that would never been done. I also think of myself as a humorous person because around my friends and family i tend to enlighten the mood if someone is in a bad mood or just sad. I think that is a good strength for me because I cannot really stand a dull sad mood around me. I would call myself very curious because I really get into some things and can not stop thinking about it until I do something about it. for example I was very curious to see what was in the forest behind Lougheed middle school I thought about it for a very long time and the next day after school me and my friends climbed the fence and checked out the place and it was really cool, I really felt accomplished. Most of my friends call me very energetic sometimes I do think I am energetic. This would be a strength for me because I am able to finish tasks faster and if not faster i would be able to do it for long time, this also counts in sports as well, in gym class during the 12 minute run I am able to run for that long without walking and also have enough energy for other activities.

With the strengths come the weaknesses and the ones that I have the most is over-talkative, not being able to explain things properly, time waster, feeling anxious if work not completed. over-talkative is one of my biggest weaknesses, over talking causes me to lose focus on work or chores that need to be completed before a certain time, I would lose focus when someone would talk to me while I am doing something, for example during class a person beside me would start talking and I would continue to converse with the other. Another weakness is to not being able to explain things properly, sometimes when I am talking or telling a story I would find it difficult to tell the story, I do not know why but I start to stutter. along with those weaknesses I am also a time waster, but that is only sometimes, mostly before school. before school I take a lot of time in the shower also after the shower I would go back and just lie down in bed or just be on my phone, usually because I would be tired. Another weakness is that I have is that I would feel anxious if until I do not complete my homework. That is a weakness for me because it is not good for me and I do not feel good until I finish my work