Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

March 21-25

Important Dates

Friday, March 25: Homework Packet Due, Chapter 4 Test

Bar Models

We are really working intentionally through this bar model chapter to look at the benefits of bar models and the whole point of using them. We've learned that bar models are similar to number bonds in that they help us visualize the problem more. We've noticed that bar models can actually give us more data as we can see how much each number in a problem is worth and we can also label the bars with the variable names.

As your child is working on the homework, I would encourage you to have them verbalize to you what the question is asking. We talk a lot about the numbers provided in a given problem and articulating what the number actually tells you and what you are trying to find out. Although bar models are a bit tedious, laying this foundation now will be extremely beneficial as our students work with more complicated word problems in higher levels of math!

This week, we will look at comparing sets of bar models. We will also be using bar models to solve two-step problems.

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