Mission To Mars

Chris, Anthony, Dylan, and Jake

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Red planet, live better, Mars.

Day and night

Mars does have day and night. Mars rotates on its axis as it spins one half is facing the sun and the other half isn't. Mars day is is 24 hours and 37 minutes.

Years on mars.

Mars has years they are just longer then earth. Mars years are about 687 days. A year is measured by the orbit of a planet. Earth's years are 365 days. Mars years are about 322 days longer.

Seasons on Mars

Mars has seasons because it is a 25 degree axis. Mars has four seasons like earth. Mars seasons are longer then earths. Seasons on Mars are about 1.88 years long.

Phases of the moon.

Mars has 2 moons one name is Phobos and the other one is Deimos. These moons are named after gods.

Tides on Mars

Mars has thermal tides because one side is always hot and one side is always cold.

Eclipses on Mars

Mars does have eclipses. There are to kind of eclipses, one is Annular and Total Solar Eclipse. During some seasons it happens every day.