My Friends

3 things YOU can do to be my friend...

Seriously...3 things

I am finished with pleasing people. I feel true happiness when I am with people who:
1. Make me laugh, and I can make them laugh...we just connect & get each other.
2. Are not selfish & self absorbed. Don't give me a hard time when life gets in the way & I have to reschedule with them. My family will always come first & so should yours.
3. Nice (I know it's an overused word, BUT I really do value a NICE person) Kind, good-hearted, genuine, trust worthy human being. So many pretender, wanna be's out there! I have no time for fakes. I will only be friends with the genuine article.

I have learned that friends come in and out of our lives for seasons. That used to make me sad, but not anymore. Sometimes, someone new is waiting around the corner that will fill you up and you no longer feeling quite so empty.

Family can be best friends!

My husband and daughters are some of my best friends. Even my son and I have a great friendship. Friends dont HAVE to be someone exactly your age. Your cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. can be awesome!

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