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"Lockdown" Begins Saturday, April 16

What is "lockdown"?

Call it set stage, hatch stage, or lockdown - the purpose is the same.

The chicks are preparing for hatching! What’s cool is that chicks communicate with each other while inside the egg and synchronize their hatching, which should happen around day 18 - Saturday, April 16.

What's different about lockdown?

The final few days before hatching require a different approach. You will:

  • Prepare the incubator

  • Stop turning

  • Increase the humidity

Follow these steps:

It's simple:

  • Remove the eggs from the turner (if you have one).

  • Sniff test the eggs and/or candle them to check the health of the eggs. Remove any eggs that are not developed or smell bad.

  • Remove the turner from the incubator.

  • Place a paper towel or cloth on the wire mesh. (Being very careful to not obstruct airflow, contact the water, or contact the heating element.)

  • Add water to the incubator to reach 65% humidity.

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