Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of February 3 - February 9

Monday, February 3

Board Meeting - 6:00 pm - Whitehouse Primary (tour of the new building after meeting)

Tuesday, February 4

100th Day of School

RtI Meetings - see shared schedule (conference room)

2nd Grade CoGats - 10:00 am

Wednesday, February 5

Wellness Wednesday

2nd Grade CoGats - 10:00 am

Thursday, February 6

GLC Meeting - 7:45 am

Dental Presentations - PS - 1st Grade - see shared schedule

2nd Grade CoGats - 10:00 am

Marco's Dine Out Night

4th Grade STEAM Night - 6:00 pm

Friday, February 7

Character Wheel


Thank you:

Krista for the extra time you have been putting into making our LEAP program top-notch to better serve our students and supporting the staff with ideas on enrichment in the general education classroom.

Staff for your assistance with the Imagination Station program, the kids always enjoy the science activities!


Here is a message from the district Wellness Committee:

The Wellness Committee is sponsoring a month long challenge designed to encourage you to boost your daily consumption of water. To maintain a healthy level of hydration, the general recommendation is the 8 by 8 rule: 8 ounce glass of water 8 times a day.

All will be receiving a coaster within the next day or two that you are able to record each day's intake for 30 days. The Wellness Committee would run the challenge for the month of February. At the beginning of March, the Wellness representative for your building or department will then collect the coasters and the building or department with the highest percentage of individuals successfully completing the challenge will receive a prize.

LETS WIN THIS MONCLOVA! Prize is a free lunch! Get your Yeti, Tervis, Swell, bottle or whatever you need to meet this water goal! Support your colleagues with needed reminders! GO WATER CHAMPIONS 2020! To help you drink more water and meet the goal, throughout the month we will be offering some flavored infused water in the lounge.

There are some still some open time slots for RtI meetings on Feb. 4 if you have a Tier 3 student or moving a student to Tier 3 you must sign up for a meeting time. If you want to just have a discussion about intervention ideas and progress, please sign up. For those of you attending a meeting, there will be a sub that rotates to the classrooms. Please have your students already working on something or have something simple for the sub to do. There isn't a lot of time for you to explain things to the sub.

The AW Spirit of Giving is asking each building to make a donation basket for the silent auction. Monclova's basket is going to be GIFT CARD EXTRAVAGANZA! If you would like to help, please, donate a gift card of your choice to go into our basket. It can be for any restaurant, shopping, coffee, iTunes, etc. All and any gift cards are appreciated. You can turn in all gift cards to Jill's mailbox by Friday, February 7th. I appreciate your generosity and help. It goes to a great cause!

Healthy Heart week will take place Feb. 10-14 with several planning activities for staff and students. For a $5 donation (American Heart Association) you can wear jeans all week and participate in the daily dress themes. There will be drawings for staff who meet the heart healthy goal. Also, students who complete Mr. Black's daily challenges will go into a drawing Tuesday - Friday that week. There will be a winner from each grade chosen those 4 days.

Frogtown Exotics will be returning the week of March 2. Each class will get a 45 minute classroom lesson, there will be no whole grade presentation before the classroom lessons. We won an AWEF grant to cover a portion of the costs and MAPS is covering the remainder.

Don't forget your 3 hours of parent conferences that need to be completed by the end of the year. Now is the time to meet with parents of students that are struggling, don't wait until the end of the year.

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 3 - Board Meeting

RtI Meetings - Feb. 4

2nd Grade CoGats - Feb. 4-6

Wellness Wednesday - Feb. 5

Marcos Dine Out Night - Feb. 6

4th Grade STEAM Night - Feb. 6

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

Here's another good column from Angela Duckworth about sleep and especially in the teen years which we have all personally experienced. However, some may have teens at home or soon to have teens. FOMO is becoming all too popular due to social media!

Meaning Is Subjective

Objectively speaking, there’s nothing cool about sleep deprivation.

But when I was younger, the early-to-bed-early-to-rise lifestyle seemed lame.

In my teens, I thought it was cool to stay up watching late-night talk shows. In my twenties, as a management consultant, I took a perverse pride in getting to the office before dawn and working late into the evening.

Likewise, according to my teenage daughters, there is a certain cachet to staying up too late and arriving to school with a large coffee in hand.

If you have teenagers in the house, ask them how they feel about an earlier bedtime. Perhaps you’ll arrive at the same conclusion as a recent study that systematically probed the issue with focus groups of adolescents.

Two themes emerged.

First, teens stay up late on their phones because of FOMO—fear of missing out. One 15-year-old boy said: “As soon as you give into that temptation you're on it for an hour, two hours at least and then—so yeah, I would say it always affects your sleep. And then you're always wondering, ‘What's everyone else doing? Are they speaking to each other? Am I missing out? Should I be on this? Should I be up?’ And then yeah—it affects my sleep.”

Second, teens perceived a social norm of being online and responsive to social media well past a reasonable bedtime. “If the conversation is going good you need to keep it going,” explained a 14-year-old girl. “You can't ignore them or else that's just rude.”

When I read this study, I was reminded of a basic adage in self-control research: meaning is subjective. Human beings of all ages—including our dear teenagers—are constantly interpreting their situations. Is this a cool thing to do? Is this uncool?

The objective facts of the situation—the effects of sleep deprivation on grades, happiness, and health—hold less sway over our kids’ motivation to get to bed than their subjective interpretation of the situation.

Or, in the words of Shakespeare, “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

What’s a parent to do?

If you still think responding to emails all night is a badge of honor…

Try following the advice of author and sleep evangelist Arianna Huffington, who, around the same age I did, learned that nothing is cooler than a good night’s sleep: Work your way back from the time you have to be up in the morning, subtracting how many hours you need to be your best. That’s when you should be in bed with the lights out. Bonus: A fully rested brain will be more effective at work the next day.

If your kids think it’s uncool to go to bed early...

Try giving your teenage daughter or son a reputation-preserving alibi for going dark after dark. My suggestion: “My parents are so strict. It’s totally lame, but they literally take my phone away after 10 p.m.!”