Child Labor Laws .

Behind Doors By; Keylani Dixon , Feb 16 2016 , Period 5 (7B)

Child Labor Laws ( behind doors )

Many Children around the U.S have to serve what we call "Child Labor". Teenagers fourteen and above have to serve the responsibilities of becoming an adult .Some of these jobs can be very tiring .

Why do we serve these laws ?

  • Well , do to recent research i have learned that the reason children have to serve child labor laws is because , children were hired for their work ethic and for the fact that they could perform unskilled jobs for lower wages and were adept of using small tools and small parts . This is the ultimate reason why us , the children , have to serve child labor laws .

Opinions on Child Labor Laws

Most people feel as if we should not have these laws . "As a child a person can only take so much in" says the mother of one of her children that serve these laws" . Then there are some people that feel as if these laws should apply with us . "They've been having everything given to them their whole lives , its time they see how to adapt to the real world ", says a father of one of the children that also serve these laws as well . Whats your opinion ?
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