Voting in Burlington

Erin Browne

Where and how to register to vote

  • Visit the town clerk's office in Burlington Town Hall and complete a voter's registration form in person

  • Register by mail with a mail- in voter registration- they are available at the town hall, public library, post office, recreation department, or the council of aging.

  • You can also call the state elections division at 1-800-462-VOTE

Voting requirments

  • Requirements for voting

  1. Must be 18 years old

  2. A resident in Burlington

  3. A United States Citizen

  4. Must register at the town Clerk's Office

Where to vote

  • Voting is conducted at Burlington High school for all elections

  • Polls are open from 8:00 am -8:00 pm for town elections

  • Polls are open from 7-00am -8:00pm for state/ primary elections

  • Polls are open from 6:00am-8:00 pm for presidential elections

How to vote

Regular voting

  • Go to the High School and fill out ballots with the candidates you want to win the election

Absentee voting

  • This type of voting is for voters who can not vote on Election Day because of a physical disability, religious beliefs or absence from the town

  • Absentee applications may be obtained from the Town Clerk or the Office of the Secretary of State

  • Applications can be submitted by mail or in person

Permanently disabled

  • A voter with a disability can submit a note from a registered physician and the town of Burlington will send that person an absentee ballot each year for all elections during the year