Linear Life


Kimberly's vs Bakery CAFE

Two bordering companies gives out coupons to consumers. The Kimberly's bakery company has a coupon that lets the consumer buy 8 large chocolate chip cupcake only for $4, but added with tax of $1.25. The Bakery CAFE company has a coupon that sells the same type and quantity of large chocolate chip cupcake of $6 total already with tax.

Which company has a better deal? What happens if you but 2 batches? 5 batches?

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y- amount of money

x- batches


Blue= Bakery CAFE

Finding the Point of Intersection


-4x -4x




2 2





The project, Linear Life, in my problem creates an opinion of a formal relationship between 2 competitive companies with a constant rate of change, or slope. With the two linear functions, demonstrates and draws the picture of a constant income rate, the batches, resulting to the constant outcome rate, the cost. Both of the comparisons with real-life situations can be shown in a table, graph and equation.

In a graph, you can examine the slope with some possibilities of fractions. In a tables, you would know some possibilities of inputs and outputs, but not as many as what a graph would show. But tables can help graph the line (plus scatter-plots and more stuff). Amid the possibilities, there would be equations, equations show the slope and y-intercepts. In all 3 of the visuals, all would have an independent and dependent variable. The independent variable is mainly the 'x', and the dependent is mainly 'y'. In a graph, the independent,domain or input, is the x axis. And the independent, range or input, is the y axis. In the problem, there would be a point of intersection. The point of intersection in my problem would be when Kimberly's company being expensive when buying less than 4 batches, but then roles of being expensive switched to Bakery CAFE's company after 5 batches.

In conclusion, there are many ways to show a comparison to a situation (Kimberly's & Bakery CAFE) where each component is different and can show a point of intersection in a graph. Also, there would always be a dependent and independent in a situation or problem.