A travel guide

Welcome To Paris

Paris has many contributes to art, architecture, and cuisine. It has a rich history and many places to visit. This brochure will sum Paris up into 3 main parts, Cafes and Cuisine, Art and Fashion, And must see Landmarks. So if it's your first or hundredth time to visit Paris we hope we have informed you of the must see's and must do's.

Famous Landmarks

If you are looking for a place to teach your tween kid about the arts then Paris is the place for you! With the world famous(and I mean famous even your tween,probably, knows about it) Eiffel Tower the views will transform how you look at everyday life forever! The Louvre museum will not bore your tween to death with old timy facts, but will blow their minds with cultural facts and pieces of art. The Notre Dame cathedral is an awe inspiring work of architecture that will completely change the way your tween view Paris’s past. These architectural advances and awe inspiring arts are the key for making Paris the place for you and your tween!

Shopping in Paris

While visiting Paris shopping is a must! Tweens love souvenir shopping which can be found almost everywhere. One of the best souvenir shopping spots is in the Louvre or around the Eiffel Tower. You can even go book shopping or art objects shopping in the famous museum The Louvre! If you are looking for a step up, you can go to the great malls in Paris. These malls include some of the most interesting and fashionable outfits! If you love to look stylish you may want to try the Colette, Rue St. Honore, Rue de Rivoli, and the Madeleine. But if you have questions or are lost you probably want to go to the stores with guide books. Paris has so much shops and stores!

Paris Cuisine

If you’re visiting Paris, France you must try the food and cafes that Paris has to offer. Start the morning off with going to a bakery with croissants and pastries baked fresh every day, or order a tantine and a sliced baguette with jam or butter or If you want a special cafe go to Champ de Mars. For lunch you must go to 58 Tour Eiffel, or if you have young kids you could go to Les 400 Coups. But if you are wanting to stay in your comfort zone order pizza from Pink Flamingo Pizza, they have special exotic pizzas. Finally for dinner and you could go on a dinner river cruise and have a Nutella crepe from a crepe stand or buy some sweet macaroons. So if you decide to visit Paris make sure to stop and enjoy the cuisine.

This lovely place with big cities to small vintage villages is a great place to go! You will be able to see the mighty Eiffel tower, well-known monuments and museums, and the Notre Dame. Even if you are walking through mazes of people or around the country side with dozens of bakeries and cafes full of pastries, you will be able to see the best of this destination.